Travelling from Bratislava to Innsbruck and back

So you want to spend a weekend in the Alps and are shocked by the pricey train tickets? Forget about that website. Just go to Hlavná stanica or ŽST Petržalka and ask for a City Star Bratislava-Innsbruck return train ticket. It’s €55.70 and it’s valid for one month. This means that you can take any combination of trains you like and whenever you like within that month of validity. How cool is that? The overpriced tickets are valid for specific trains only.  Continue reading

Redirect 2% of your income tax

I case you didn’t know, you can redirect 2% of your 2012 income tax to a Slovak NGO of your choice (and you can do this until the 30th of April). All you need to do is to ask your employer for potvrdenie o zaplatení dane for 2012 (the proof of tax payment), to fill in a simple form – vyhlásenie 2% z dane –  and to send these two to your local tax office. Continue reading

Changing the residence permit / trvalý pobyt when changing addresses

Another guest post by Marius. Thank you very very much!

Changing the residence permit / trvalý pobyt when changing addresses

I have opted for a very easy solution: I didn’t change the previous application form just because declaring that you change the purpose of staying in Slovakia would imply other documents which I didn’t want to waste my time in getting them. So with:

How to get insurance when unemployed

Guest post by Marius. Many thanks, Marius! :)

Probably you would be better start like this “Probably the most frustrating moment for a foreigner who has recently moved to Slovakia is” to not be able to communicate in English and therefore getting something solved.

If you are unemployed and want to get a health insurance (the one similar to that when you have a job = the state insurance = basic health care) you need to buy one. Continue reading


I’m coming back after a long break with a rant. As a wine enthusiast, I was quite excited to know about all these wine/harvest festivals going on around Bratislava. After accidentally discovering the intriguing Svätovavrinecké grape and tasting the wonderful Mrva & Stanko Svätovavrinecké wine at Primi bar, I was quite happy about these events and the possibility of tasting more Slovak wine.

So last weekend I attended the Vinobranie in Pezinok. Continue reading

Krížom Krážom

Slovak is very different to any other language I speak. I don’t usually face difficulties in learning new languages, but I do have a major problem with making grammar mistakes in front of native speakers. I know, native speakers, especially those of not very popular languages, are very happy to hear that you’re trying anyway. Still, whenever I’m aware of the fact that I’m about to severely butcher some grammar rules, I stop. And yes, I know, I should get over it, otherwise I will never learn.

With English and Spanish was fairly easy. Native speakers are used to people trying to learn their language and they can feel it in the accent whether you are a foreigner or not. With Slovak, things are a bit different. Continue reading