Getting a health insurance card

If you are employed in Slovakia, you must register with a Slovak health insurance company (for self-sufficiency cases read here). And you must make sure someone is paying for your health insurance at all times. The employer has eight days to register you with the health insurance company and eight days to ‘deregister’ you after you stop working for them. You cannot get a health insurance card without having signed a work contract therefore you have exactly eight days to get one. More info here.

As an EU/EEA national, you don’t need a residence permit to get a health insurance card, so don’t panic (as I did). It takes at least two weeks to get the permit and you only have eight days to get the card. 

A list of health insurance companies in Slovakia. I can’t tell you the differences between these. I went where I was told to go (Dovera), as time was running and the information was all in Slovak.

To register with one of these companies you need:

  • Passport / National EU/EEA ID card
  • Work contract (in original, you don’t need a copy as they will take a look at it and give it back to you)
  • A form to fill in… in Slovak, obviously

You can find them in big shopping centres, usually open until late (9pm). Don’t expect them to speak any English, but they’re usually nice people and they’re happy to help you with filling in the form.

You will be given a copy of the form. Keep it, as you will need it, together with your passport/ID, to collect your card. Also, it contains an identity number which you may need for the mandatory medical check-up at your new job. I was informed that my card would take one week to be issued, however, after three days I got an SMS telling me to go get my card. Not to worry, you can show your employer the form, they’ll be alright with it.

And that was it. Don’t forget to mention information about any allergies you may have, your blood group and a contact number in case of emergency on your card. And don’t forget to tell your employer you got it. You can ask for an European Health Insurance Card too.

Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Getting a health insurance card

  1. I’ll write about the residence permit as soon as I get it 🙂 That should happen anytime soon now. I can give you the list of documents I had to provide, if it’s urgent.

  2. Thanks a lot of for furnishing these kinds of an interesting and unique insight into this exciting and debatable subject!

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