Killing spiders

… is considered to bring bad luck in Slovakia. Whenever you see one making itself comfortable in your own house, you are supposed to take it and set it free in the nature. That’s right, you have to get close to the little sh…pider to take it and ‘rescue’ it.

I can feel my flatmates’ looks full of hate everytime I hoover those crawlers up. If you are not a huge fan of them, please


For your sanity and theirs.

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Killing spiders

  1. 😀 look I am slovak and I admit we are not all the same, same superstitious I mean. I would happily share a flat with you, because I am so scared of spiders I even can´t approach them close enough to kill them. Any hoover wouldn´t help me as well, as I believe they can climb back out of it. But I have mosquite web on all my windows to prevent from their visit.

    PS: I love all the other animals though 😀

  2. LOL, I recently read about spiders crawling back up the hoover and that freaked me out. So now I spray the little sh… things. It didn’t work tough two evenings ago when I saw one on my pillow (a place I obviously couldn’t spray) and spent two hours staring at it 😦

    PS. Looks like I need to restart writing on my blog 🙂

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