How to get insurance when unemployed

Guest post by Marius. Many thanks, Marius! 🙂

Probably you would be better start like this “Probably the most frustrating moment for a foreigner who has recently moved to Slovakia is” to not be able to communicate in English and therefore getting something solved.

If you are unemployed and want to get a health insurance (the one similar to that when you have a job = the state insurance = basic health care) you need to buy one.

The trick for self-sufficient people: there is ONLY ONE company in SR (Slovak Republic) which will insure you, this is Union. In the link they say will do it in Laurinská street 9 but in my case (prior to have again difficulties in communication in an office) I have wrote an inquiry email in English so they invited me in another branch (Trenčianska 53). In the email they have sent me a health questionnaire which went to their medical expert after that they communicated me the price. After all of this done I went in person to sign and pay for the insurance (in my case insurance for 1 year was 616,85 € comprehensive health care or 322,08 € for 6 months). The paper card I have received is red (probably the color of the insurance company).

union redunion red back

If you are employed then it’s easy, you do not need to care about this because the employee will automatically insure you [read more about this here].
In my case: I had to go (this time to Bajkalská 29/A branch) with some documents from employer and fill a form. The good thing was that I claimed back some money spent on medical services. To get the job I had to prove that I am able (healthy) to work and for this I had to go to the “family doctor” to which I belong (where I have the trvaly pobyt). Of course the physician didn’t speak any English and of course she didn’t want to do anything without the green insurance card or paying for the service :). So for blood test and another medical services I had to pay.
Well, when I went to Union to get the green insurance card I had all the medical bill with me and asked for my money. They paid the bills and also I have got some money back for the premium (of course excluding the days when I was not working).

After a while I have received the green plastic card by post (signed for, doporucenie in slovak, so you need to have trvaly pobyt to get it from post if you are not at home to receive it from postman). The color green for the card is for all the people insured in SR. Also contains EU health insurance.

union greenunion green back


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