Redirect 2% of your income tax

I case you didn’t know, you can redirect 2% of your 2012 income tax to a Slovak NGO of your choice (and you can do this until the 30th of April). All you need to do is to ask your employer for potvrdenie o zaplatení dane for 2012 (the proof of tax payment), to fill in a simple form – vyhlásenie 2% z dane –  and to send these two to your local tax office.

You can choose an NGO to redirect the 2% to from the list here (unfortunately it’s not available in English). If the chosen NGO has a website, you’ll probably be able to find the vyhlásenie there, already pre-filled in with the NGO’s details. If not, you can download the vyhlásenie here. The fields are:

  • Rodné číslo – birth number. You probably don’t have one 😀 I was told to use the one on my residence permit.
  • Dátum narodenia – date of birth
  • Rok – year of tax payment; that’s 2012.
  • Priezvisko, meno, titul – last name, first name, title
  • Mark trvalého pobytu alebo with an x. If you’re from the EU and have a residence permit than you also have a permanent address in Slovakia.
  • Ulica, číslo, PSČ, obec, číslo telefónu – street, number, postcode, city/town, phone number
  • Zaplatená daň, z ktorej sa vypočíta suma do výšky 2 % zaplatenej dane – the amount of tax you paid. Check point 03 Daň znížená o daňový bonus in your potvrdenie.
  • Suma do výšky 2 % zo zaplatenej dane z r. 12 – 2% of your income tax. Just calculate 2% of your income tax (see previous bullet point)
  • Dátum zaplatenia dane – tax payment date. Check point 05 Nedoplatok in your potvrdenie.
  • In the section II. ODDIEL – ÚDAJE O PRIJÍMATEĽOVI you’re supposed to give them details about the chosen NGO. You can find this information on the NGO’s website or on
  • Date & signature 🙂

Send both the potvrdenie and vyhlásenie to your local tax office – daňový úrad. The list of tax offices is here.


2 thoughts on “Redirect 2% of your income tax

  1. Hey, there!
    I found your blog today and it’s been interesting to read it. I might be moving to Bratislava in coming months (I hope at least..), so all of this will be useful to me! 🙂

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