Change of address and a new residence permit / trvalý pobyt

Earlier this year I moved into a new flat in Bratislava and thus I had to let the police know about my new residence. It basically means I changed my residence permit card. Applying for a changed residence card is pretty much the same as applying for a new one (minus the work contract).Read More »


Redirect 2% of your income tax

I case you didn’t know, you can redirect 2% of your 2012 income tax to a Slovak NGO of your choice (and you can do this until the 30th of April). All you need to do is to ask your employer for potvrdenie o zaplatení dane for 2012 (the proof of tax payment), to fill in a simple form – vyhlásenie 2% z dane –  and to send these two to your local tax office.Read More »

How to get insurance when unemployed

Guest post by Marius. Many thanks, Marius! 🙂

Probably you would be better start like this “Probably the most frustrating moment for a foreigner who has recently moved to Slovakia is” to not be able to communicate in English and therefore getting something solved.

If you are unemployed and want to get a health insurance (the one similar to that when you have a job = the state insurance = basic health care) you need to buy one.Read More »

How to get the European Health Insurance Card as a resident in Slovakia?

It’s incredibly simple. You just have to visit any office of the health insurance company you chose to register with (in my case, Dôvera) and apply for one. It takes about one month to be issued and you can choose to have it sent home by post or to collect it in person. I went to collect it myself. They asked for my paper health insurance card and gave me a proper plastic card instead. My new card is valid for five years and has the European Health Insurance (Európsky preukaz zdravotného poistenia) information on one side and the Dôvera Health Insurance information on the other side.Read More »